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Only official Roamer retailers are allowed to sell and maintain a Roamer watch. With the necessary skills, technical know-how and special equipment, they guarantee the authenticity of each and every part of your Roamer and help make the choice that will last a lifetime. Our strong brand history helps us focus on the further development of incredible and genuine Swiss Made quality timepieces. 
Swiss Made with passion and dedication since 1888
  • The Beginning

    Fritz Meyer (1859-1926)

    The story of ROAMER, the brand of high-quality Swiss watches, begins with the ideal of its pioneering founder, Fritz Meyer (1859-1926), to create a robust yet elegant watch, a precious accessory which everyone would love to own. With this goal, he sets up his own business in Solothurn, Switzerland – a workshop with six employees producing cylinder escapements for the watch industry.

  • Growth

    Solothurn Roamer office 1895

    Within only 7 years, the company grows to 60 employees and produces complete watches. In the same year the company develops its first own calibre and names it number 38 to commemorate the 38th birthday of the company’s founder.

  • The big change

    Birth of the "MST"-Movement

    The «MST» movements developed and constructed by Meyer and Stüdeli quickly acquire an excellent reputation for their high precision and reliability in and beyond Switzerland. The manufacture continues to grow and a spacious new factory to accommodate 300 workers opens its doors. ROAMER, the name of the most successful line, is registered as a trademark in Switzerland.

  • Key milestone

    Soleure launch in 1907

    This year heralds one of the most significant milestones for the fledgling company: Fritz Meyer enters into a partnership with Johann Stüdeli, who is trained and experienced in the art and tradition of the watchmaker’s craft. This is the start of the legendary «MST» watch.


    further growth

    The watch production soars to one million units a year and the company begins to produce its own cases to control the overall quality and to reduce its dependency on external suppliers.

  • Swiss production

    1'200 skilled craftsmen

    The company now employs more than 1,200 people and starts to produce its own dials. An astute case providing excellent dust and water-resistance and simplifying servicing procedures is designed, developed and patented.


    Birth of the Roamer watch brand

    The company name is changed to that of its most successful brand, becoming ROAMER Watch Co. SA, under which the famous timepieces have been sold ever since.



    Repeatedly improved over the years, ROAMER patents a watertight watch case which induces the company to launch its Anfibio line. Anfibio gains a world-wide excellent reputation for exceptional quality, endurance and reliability.

  • A new era

    First MST quartz movement

    ROAMER presents its first quartz movement, the ROAMER microquartz. Some excellent ROAMER quartz diver’s watches and chronographs are introduced throughout the seventies.

  • Heritage

    With the launch of the Competence collection, ROAMER reconnects with its traditional past as the producer of mechanical watches. Roamer has strived to go back to its roots are build a new strong collection based on Automatic timepieces. 


    Roamer Of Switzerland

    The success story of the «Quality Time Made in Switzerland» continues: ROAMER presents further collection milestones and affirms its position as one of the most powerful Swiss watch brands in the medium price range. 


    In 2013, ROAMER celebrates its 125th anniversary. The strong tradition of high-end production and constant innovation has made ROAMER a Swiss watch brand with a renowned international standing. With a long-term vision as its guiding principle, ROAMER is expanding its retail presence in core markets, while focusing on the competitive price/performance ratio that is at the heart of its appeal to men and women who appreciate unique design and excellent craftsmanship made in Switzerland at a reasonable price – a commitment which has forged the brand’s identity and reputation

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